I See a Dream


The dream of creating a utopia, an ideal space built upon universal ideals of peace, justice, and happiness, is an aspiration shared by all human beings. Fulfilling this eternal wish is predicated on the realization of peace, altruism, equality, justice, and respect for human dignity and freedom. 

In my design, I aim to convey these concepts which I deem crucial for cultivating collective wisdom and consciousness to bring about a better world for all.

I have illustrated the connection and communication between places and imaginary cities through roads and bridges, symbolizing a unified, interconnected world.

By selecting a single dominant color throughout the piece, I emphasize the concepts of unity, equity, and justice for all.

The mural unfolds from one side with the opening of a gate and expands on through the other side in an open-ended design, symbolizing a boundless dream beckoning from the mind’s mysterious corners.

To symbolize the solidarity, harmony, and interweaving of cultures in today’s world, the forms, shapes, and decorations depicted in the design combine Eastern and Western architectural elements.

The birds in this design evoke the feeling of a peaceful place, highlighting the importance of peace, serenity, and safety in human life, just as birds build their nests where they feel safe. In designing the forms and figures of the birds, I have been influenced by the bird motifs symbolizing love and awareness which can be found in the Persian decorative arts of my home country of Iran which often.

The phoenix symbolizes perpetual renewal and timelessness, just as the utopian dream is constantly born anew in each consecutive generation.

The lights and lighting fixtures represent lively, bright, and truth-seeking minds, the most significant components of today’s progressive culture.

The guardian angel of this city is the symbol of a self-conscious mind.

The spaceship symbolizes our potential for scientific progress.

Origin of the idea

Since immigrating to the US, one of the most demographically- diverse countries in the world, the concepts of utopia and the perennial search for an ideal place have become the central theme of many of my works, including the design for the current mural. I see a reflection of my own longing for utopia in Martin Luther King’s famous speech, “I Have a Dream…”. So I decided to name my piece, “I See a Dream” and dedicate it to all the brave souls who are fighting for a just, free, and equal world.

I wish for a world full of peace, friendship, unity, and solidarity…