Amir Tabatabaei is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Boston. Born in 1975 in Iran,  he immigrated to the US in 2016. With a foundation in visual arts, he has been dedicated to his creative pursuits since 1992, participating in numerous national and international exhibitions.

Tabatabaei’s art reflects his lived experiences within Iranian society, interwoven with the realities of his post-immigration life, resulting in pieces which resonate across cultures and borders. The themes prevalent in his art often delve into social and human contexts and showcase the depth of human experience.

Recent accomplishments include the execution of a mural titled “I See a Dream” in the city of Watertown, Massachusetts, US. His current projects are centered around the concept of Utopia and include a series of works based on “Mantiq al-Tayr”, a mystical poem by the 13th-century Iranian poet, Attar.

© Photo By : Niloufar Keyhani