Utopia is a concept that refers to the situation and circumstances of human life in an ideal and blissful way. This long-standing aspiration and imaginary geography have preserved their semantic existence throughout history in the layers of human collective thought to the extent that it can be considered as a common desire among human beings.

As we call utopia an ideal world, we know the opposite form, dystopia, as an undesirable world and society.

These two concepts have obvious examples in most countries, including Iran. For example, the great Iranian poet Saadi Shirazi with his books Bustan and Golestan is a brilliant example that has been a source of influence for me.

Immigration has also influenced the way I think about these concepts.

The utopian world is faced with challenges, realities, and catastrophes of the dystopian world.In this series, I have brought together this contradiction between the two worlds.

My dystopian works are also inspired by Mohammad Siah Ghalam, the Iranian painter of the fifteenth century, whose strange paintings goes against the conventional painting style of his time.